4 thoughts on “New Town Chinese”

  1. These people have overcharged me between $10 and $15 the last three times I ordered from them.
    The first time I waqsn’t paying too much attention and thought it was my mistake.
    The secolnd time I had family over, and left money for my son to pay for the delivery.
    He gave me $3 change from the $60 I gave him. It was disturbing because what I ordered should have cost in the upper 30″s.
    Last night I ordered again, but paid attention. According to their menu, my bill should have been $32.00 plus tim.
    The Oriental woman on a bicycle. who had deliver the previous few times, asked me for 48.50. Conveniently, she all of a sudden did not speak or understand English.
    I called the restaurant to speak to the owner. A very glib telephone girl informed me that there was a mistake and my bill was $33.25.I asked to speak to the owner and was conveniently informed he did not speak any English.
    It’s not the money, it’s the principal.I hate to be ripped off,
    Stay away from this joint!!!!

  2. I live two blocks away from new town and have been eating there regularly for years. they have never once over charged me and were always nice on the phone. the delivery woman on the bike really actually doesn’t speak english well and when she first started working there she would litterally only showed me the bill and not say anything. so this guy is probably lying and don’t listen to him because new town I a great chinese restaurant and you’d miss out on a good dinner.

  3. their chicken fried rice is amazing. first of all.

    I have never been overcharged and they are usually extremely speedy with their delivery. I order from them at work all the time. Their prices are good, and i’ve always found them to be very nice. they don’t forget the extra’s either. (always give me extra utensils, sauce, napkins, they don’t conveniently forget my free soda or anything of that nature.)

    all in all its my favorite chinese place in LB. 🙂

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