Coyote Grille

PHONE: (516) 889-8009
104 Waterview Rd – Island Park, NY

Shrimp & Scallop “Tradito”
(Lime, Tomato, Cilantro, Sweet Potato)
(Seville Orange, Mango, Jicama, Micro Arugula)
(Coconut, Cilantro, Thai Chili)
Ceviche Tasting
(All of the Above)

Chorizo Sausage
(Manzanilla Olives)
Roasted Portobella Tostados
(Roasted Red Pepper, Goat Cheese, Balsamic Reduce)
Mini Cuban Tostados
(Serrano Ham, Pulled Pork, Pickled Jalapenos, Manchengo Cheese, Creole Mustard Vinaigrette)
Seared Tuna Tostados
(Chimichurri, Chipotle Mayo, Arugula)
Steamed Mussels
(Garlic Saffron Broth)

Chorizo Quesadilla
(Grilled Chorizo, Black Bean Salsa, Sour Cream)
Chili Rubbed Wings
(Cilantro Jelly)
Tilapia Fish Tacos
(Charred Tomato Salsa, Avocado, Lettuce)
Pulled Pork Empanadas
(Mango-Green Chili Dipping Sauce)
Skirt Steak Skewers
(Latin Marinade, Yellow Pepper Puree)
Plantain Crusted Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes
(Sweet Pineapple Salsa, Red Pepper Oil)
Seared Gulf Shrimp
(Garlic Parsley Lime Sauce, Country Bread)
Coyote’s Famous Guacamole
(Salsa Crude, Fresh Corn Chips)
Crab Bisque
(Sweet Plantain, Crème Fraiche)
Our Daily “Sopa”
Hearts of Romaine
(Manchengo Shards, Crisp Tortilla, Aged Sherry Vinegar, Creole Mustard)
Field Greens “Sangria” Salad
(Peach, Red Onions, Queso Blanco, Sangria Vinaigrette)
Baby Spinach Salad
(Applewood Smoked Bacon, Goat Cheese, Purple Peruvian Potatoes, Rioja Dressing)

Dayboat Catch “Veracruz”
(Capers, Olives, Tomatoes, Mussels)
Grilled Marinated Skirt Steak
(Warm Tortillas, Roasted Corn Rice, Ranchero Beans)
Sugar Cane Skewered Prawns
(Pineapple, Pepper Puree, Roasted Corn Rice)
Coyote’s Lobster Paella
(Half Lobster, Shrimp, Mussels, Clams, Chorizo, Saffron Broth)
Pan Seared Salmon
(Red Wine Lentils, Asparagus, Sun Dried Tomatoes)
Grilled Filet Mignon
(Boniato Mashed, Broccolini, Port Wine Reduction)
“Charred Cowboy” 24 oz. Ribeye Steak
(Latin Marinade, Boniato Mashed, Corn Salsa, Carmalized Onions)
Crunchy Fried Chicken & Spinach Salad
(Applewood Smoked Bacon, Goat Cheese, Purple Peruvian Potatoes, Rioja Dressing)
Slow Roasted Baby Back Ribs
(Sugar Cane BBQ, Yucca Fries, Jicama Orange Salad)
Grilled Berkshire Farms Pork Chop
(Whole Grain Vegetable Rice Pilaf, Mango, Jalapeno Salsa)

(All Quesadillas Come With Fresh Flour Tortillas With A Blend Of Queso, Blanco, Monterey Jack Cheese, & Goat Cheese. Unless Otherwise Noted)
Marinated Chicken Breast
Slow Roasted Mojo Pork
Seared Gulf Shrimp
Santa Fe
(Avocado, Tomato, Corn)
(*With Salsa Cruda, Black Bean Corn Salsa, Sour Cream)

Yuca Fries
(Spicy Banana Ketchup)
Boniato Mashed
Sauteed Baby Spinach
(Garlic & Olive Oil)
Roasted Corn Rice & Beans

Brownie Ice Cream Sundae
(Vanilla Ice Cream, Caramel & Chocolate Sauce, Pecan Brittle)
Vanilla Bean Crema
(Fresh Berries, Mango, Café Syrup)
Dulce De Leche Hot Fudge Cake
(Vanilla Ice Cream)
Caramelized Bananas
(Puff Pastry, Cinnamon Ice Cream, Cajeta Sauce)
Coconut Flan Custard
(Fresh Strawberries, Whipped Cream)
Fresh Berries & Cream
(Almond Cookie, Raspberry Sauce)
Mango Sorbet
Ice Cream

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